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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

ATTN. faithful readers:

Most of my comment notifications for the past few days have probably bounced from my hotmail box.

Therefore, I probably don't know that I've been commented to.

Therefore, I may never find said comments. Please be assured that I feel quite stupid about this, and that my failure to respond to said comments should not be taken as a personal affront of any kind. :p

In other words, my sister got the Mystery HP Guide (or something along those lines.) Then I read the New Interpreter's Bible. Exact same gosh darn thing, only minus the fireworks. No joke.


I found a really hot pair of shoes at Payless today. I never in my life guessed that they take shoes *off* sale at Payless. I thought their sales policy was straightforward: shoes at regular price, then marked down, then marked down more, then marked down a lot. Apparently not so; when we arrived at Payless the workers were in the process of *removing* hundreds of SALE tags from shoeboxes.

Fortunately they charge for shoes according to the computer and not according to the markings - mine were still $10 instead of the regular $13, despite what the tag said :D


I expect you're going to go looking through all of our looong conversations and continue them. But that's because I'm the most important person in your books, isn't that right?



yes, yes, of course, but... ::yawns:: perhaps tomorrow...



::giggles:: Those Texas homie-g's tucker you out, don't they?


They plum jes' did, fo'shore. ;D


Fo'shore! ::giggles insanely::

Wow, I need to do my homework.


Really? Me too.

I've been sitting at the comp thinking about writing aforementioned NT paper for about 5.5 hours now... eep...