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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Odd Dreams of Recent Past

Wednesday night: Dreamed Mark K. (from West) asked me to marry him. 'Cept in my dream the way you asked someone to marry you was to write them something that looked rather like a traffic ticket and present it to the other party. I had no idea what to say; thought "Perhaps we should get to know each other better first?" but I think I just kind of stared at him. Found that I continued to ponder this problem after I woke up. Told self to stop that.

Last night: Ended up somehow at this weirdo drum corps place where everyone had to act exactly the same. They didn't all look or dress the same, but they all said and did the same things. They ate this barbeque-y meat stuff with sauce that had an odd name (it was good though) and often played this video game, and that was ALL they did. I had to pay attention so I would know what I was supposed to do so they wouldn't get suspicious of me. I met this other girl there (who was somewhat like Leslie [sp?]-came-with-Kelly [sp?]) and begged her to run away with me so she wouldn't be stuck in this hellacious scary nightmary corps any more.

Yup. Time to burn Highly!Illegal CDs. Hee >:D

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