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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

My hands smell funny 'cos I yoinked the refrigerator that was sitting on the back step claiming to be trash. It was all taped shut. I untaped it to take the crap out of it, and now the icky smell goes wherever I do. I am sure my car will reek of it forever. Dammit.

I bought: milk, cute shirt for Samantha, cute shirt for me, 25 CD-Rs, Hershey Dark kisses, tire stem caps, and a Mexican pizza. Fun people were at Taco Bell. And I did not miss the turn. Rah!

AMR was, as expected, the friggin jam. Guys in suits are so hot. >:D And *I* was hot! WOOHOO.

On a somewhat more somber (but unquestionably fortunate) note, Will has not keeled over and/or died. Which is good, 'cos that would be depressing! Poor fellow :/ ::feeds Will lots of bananas and sends good medical mojo::

Everyone send Will good medical mojo!

So what is it with people getting to college and deciding it's cool to just pass out for no adequately explicable reason?

Current Mood: smelly
Current Music: Vesuvius - Frank Ticheli

You can feel free to add in 'gack' or whatever other terminology you choose. :D I forgot one of my own favorites, 'filch'; I would put it between 'lift' and 'seize'. If you don't mind dangling prepositions, you can also use 'abscond with'. If you feel like being vocabularially esoteric (heh! speaking of which...) you can append such goodies as 'purloin'.

I once read a story in which a character purloined sweetmeats. But that is all I remember of it. :p