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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
Note to self (11:24 - Finish post PRIOR to posting.

I did not do jack squat that was productive today. It was SO MUCH FUN. :)

But I did go to Wal-Mart and buy fifty million gallons of cream soda, a sparkly bow, and fattening food. :) I also spent about two hours in Barnes and Noble (which does NOT have Ethan's book, grr.) *And* I got back in time for dinner. It was steak night again. No idea what's going on with all the steak nights; it's mystifying. I then painted a cute ceramic Santa ornament and made three candy canes out of pipe cleaners. It was good times. :)

Can't decide whether my imaginary band should be called Speed Diva or Heroine Addiction.

Didn't do my 111 outline. Oops. Must go to bed so I can get up and do it. :)

Revelation about freshmen:
Both high school and college freshmen are pretty much young, stupid, and liable to screw themselves over in many ways.
However, college freshmen at least realize that they used to think their high school was absolutely the shit, but that they ended up being just as happy to get out of it as the next person. (A sage upperclassman from East once said "High school is like a playground: it's fun at first, but then you get too big for the equipment." Unfortunately, I do not recall who said sage upperclassman was.)
High school freshmen also regard seniors as demigods. And yet they all (at least most) turn into them anyway.
We as college freshmen realize that we will eventually turn into college seniors, and are spared a lot of trouble acting stupid because of it.

It's good times.

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Current Music: "Are you someone's prayer?"

I do believe said sage upperclassman was Brent Lind, or perhaps a Wetzel of some sort (Luke?) Right now, I'm going with Lind. (Prospero in "The Tempest" if he's not ringing mental bells for ya!)
Also, happy birthday, dear!
I think your imaginary band should not involve puns based on various types of narcotics. Go with an ethereal thing, such as "Cindy Brady's Lisp" or "Under the Toaster." Related note: I still think that "Amish Rake Fight" is the best band name I've ever heard.
There's a chick in my ECIV class who eerily reminds me of you... I didn't truly realize it until you visited and I heard your voice. V. similar, you two. Vaguely creepy... about as creepy as you could get, which isn't very =)
It's 2:17 AM and I have approximately 5 pages of paper (out of the 7 that I need). I'd better get back to it! -=Mely=-

Re: =)

I thought it might have been someone not unlike Peter Mann. But what do I know.

'Course I remember Brent... Good times, darn good times. ;)

See, I didn't mean the 'speed diva' one to be narcotic-related... I was going for the 'feminine counterpart of a guy who likes to drive fast' connotation.

Nothing comes out the way I want. :P Oh well. ;)

She's gone where goblins go

I vote for Heroine Addiction, personally.