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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
If I dance like this when I'm sober, how would I dance if I was drunk?

Cherry Garcia, with its odd brown carton and uberorganic color (yay cabbage juice) is quite possibly the perfect spring ice cream. Fruity, but still creamy. Mm.

So I have caught my faithful readers up on absolutely none of my stunning weekend. In summary, it was stunning. I spent too much money on two insanely adorable dresses; I was only mildly disappointed by LatteLand. No plans were kept except spending time swimming and sitting in the hot tub. Cigarillos make my mouth hurt and I do not see the purpose. Unlike wine, tobacco is not a taste I feel any inclination to acquire. I ate at Buca di Beppo and it was another great labyrinthine tangle of too much just right color and smell and noise and good. But possibly the best part of the weekend is that we all really seemed to get along - that is, we didn't just avoid people we didn't like. And I came away from it feeling so affirmed and just... good. Realizing that people really DO like me and think I'm cool and want to spend time with me.

Sunday was just about the day from hell. (Though Thera and I did have nice conversation on the way back to school. And Coke is good. And free food is better ;D ) I kept hurting myself/messing stuff up. Then I sat around in Holt office and Megnn provided me with some TEA and more affirmation, and things got much better.

Boys' AMR the 15th! I so cannot wait. I heard a bit of their rehearsal; the music will be really outstanding! Plus, I was a sweetheart candidate and therefore will get to stand on stage and look pretty and be given a flower. :) :)

...Even the *guys* are being affirmative! Wonders never cease, and it is really great, because I'm *sure* they wouldn't just think to tell me that 'cos they thought I needed to hear it. (Not of course that my sisters are making it up to make me feel better! Just that they are maybe a bit more sensitive to that kind of thing.) It makes me feel like I'm really outstandingly spiffy. Price carried on an entire exchange with me in passing today - more I think than he's said to me the entire time I've gone to school here. And to have gotten that from Price? ... It kind of reassured my faith in Things In General, and gave me hope that perhaps everything won't have to get all shaken up. (To be quite honest, it also made me rather suspicious...)

Hopefully now I can get some concentrated work done, and feel like I've accomplished at least a little. That would be another really nice feeling.

I'm all about the nice-feeling. Hopefully Formal this weekend will continue that, and not just screw it up :p Politics + drunkenness = scariness.

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I'm glad you're feeling good and having great days too! I think we all need more of that. So you have some boys becoming more interested in you? YOU ROCK! Do your thang! ;-)

Re: Yay!

::shakes it:: ;D ...heh, one of the student bands was practicing this evening and I could hear them out on the quad. I kept getting up and thrashdancing every time they'd start to play again :D

About the boys - maybe not interested in a Let's Have a Relationship way, but I have always liked guys just for hanging out with. And it's cool that they are cool with me being a girl but not necessarily being excluded for that reason. ::happy::

whee! :D