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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Get wet and naked with Harry. >:D

Seriously, what kind of joke did they *expect* me to make about a game like that?

*For my nonfriend readers: New fugly colors! X-p ....And I really DO mean to be fixing these sometime, unlike the Mardi Gras ones that i never got around to fixing...

::falls over::

Oh my cheese, they have one with Legolas like that...it was so great. My computer teacher wondered what the hell I was doing.

Re: ::falls over::

Dear me! ::helps you up::

You should be careful in the bath, you know. It gets slippery!

Re: ::falls over::

Hehe. Spanks!

::snirk:: Did you notice there is a boy in the bathtub with Daniel Radcliffe? What are they implying??

Re: ::falls over::

What, indeed! >:D ::snickers::

And just what WERE you doing in computer class? (/evil)

Re: ::falls over::

Trying to look innocent and sweet, as always!

::friends and family laugh hysterically in background::

Re: ::falls over::

::joins in with friends and family::

Re: ::falls over::

Well, that was low. ::pout::

Re: ::falls over::


Didn't I just reply to this?

At any rate, sorry.

But can you tell me I'm wrong?...

Re: ::falls over::

Yar, because I accidentally made almost the same post.

Re: ::falls over::


I do that a few times. Good fun.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: ::falls over::

Sorry, sorry ::comforts::

Re: ::falls over::

Damned soap! You know that most household related accidents are in the bathroom. Grr.

Re: ::falls over::


Bad memories. 8p ;D

Re: ::falls over::


Re: ::falls over::

::wonders what the diggens that is::

It looks like someone's dunce cap being removed by a bad hair day.

Re: ::falls over::

It's Harry Potter!

Re: ::falls over::

Hmmm. ::ponders this::

Re: ::falls over::

| -
^ ^
| |
| ~

::shrugs:: I have no idea. Maybe Dumbledore.

Re: ::falls over::

::giggles aloud::


I'm scared to play that game in the library...Are we talking about the purple and black color scheme here? Because I rather like it.

::falls asleep::

::pleased with all TTW mail from yesterday::


WORD abt. TTW mail. Whoa, a list! Where'd YOU all come from?!

We are indeed talking about purple and black. I meant it to turn out fugly - was thinking purple and gray and brown so we could be all Lenten - but not quite like it did. :p

Lesson of the day: The smell I sometimes smell and assume to be bad foot odor is actually weed.