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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Peace meme post: 911 comments. (as of maybe 90 seconds ago.)

Just noticing.

Did I mention I GOT A SINGLE?

Current Music: Puppies, puppies, bouncing happy puppies... --VeggieTales

..."Got a single"? What's that?


A room that I do not share with a roomate. YAY.

Granted, said room is the size of a closet, but I think this is a-okay. Less space to keep clean, y'know. ;D

Ahh. Yeah, I'd rather have a tiny room to myself than share with someone else. *nod nod*



So where have you been lately, chickie? :)

Just insanely busy. I'm going to try to type a catchup post here before I scatter off to a lesson AND CAR SHOPPING! Quick reasons:

-All In The Timing show week. Sheer insanity.
-Been sick
-State Large Group Contest
-Solo and Ensemble regionals, then practicing (or lack thereof) for STATE in a WEEK!!!!!!

I'll try to write more later. :)



Have fun. Be /sick too!


*huggles back* Thanks muchly. :)

Car shopping was fun, but my mom bust my bubble and said we weren't going to get one until I'm 16...JUNE 6th. Why is my dad taking me out now then? ARGH how STUPID. >:-\


Why, indeed.

Bit re: camp: Scotty has returned! Yay. No more hornline stupidness. ::glad glad glad::

Like, I think Juli and Joe thought they were going to be on first part. ::snort:: No more of that bad idea...

Oooh. Good for Scotty to be back (whomever that is). And yes, that does sound like a bad idea...Juli and her co-conspirator thinking they run things their first year. YIKES.


Scotty is (kinda) acting brass caption head in absence of Brett. He can be a real jerk, but remains (I think) an overall cool guy.

::pokes co-conspirators in eyes::