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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
i'm 19!

Dude... it has been the coolest day for ages.

I finished all my MU 150 in a timely fashion.
Our last MU 150 class was canceled 'cos we got through all the compositions.
I don't have to take the 150 final. ::dances a jig::

I finished the long-running and arduous speech. I delivered said speech. Speech class is off my worry list forever. Said speech was quite brilliant and I was very happy about it.

I got Happy Birthday sung to me twice in manypart harmony and once in an extremely pessimistic rendition by Ruess. ;)

Apparently there is carrot cake and good chicken at dinner. If Bits does not turn up in the next fifteen minutes, I'm gonna go get me some.

I got to wear a cool shirt.

I got my music back from Kansas City. :-D

I got a lovely half dozen roses. From the 'rents, granted, but there are definitely worse people to get half dozens of roses from.

I rocked in Jazz band. I don't suck anymore, hoorah!

Whoever ordered the weather today did a *perfect* job. It was gray all day, dark gray, and drizzly until just now when it really started pouring with a gusto. It's been about 50 degrees. (Apparently getting colder, though.) It was awesome and just the way I like it. :-D

It is SO my birthday.
::dances a jig!::