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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I'm in KANSAS!!!

::bes unbelievably thrilled::


...I ate Winsteads and Sheridans and spent two hours (11:30-1:30) at Osco JUST BECAUSE I CAN and because nothing is open 24 hours in Fayette, and nothing is as cool as Osco anyway. I bought purdy paperclips there, and made them into a necklace, which I am coincidentally wearing right now. Then I slept and that was good. Then I got up and read some architectural articles about dorms that are way cooler than mine, and then I ate brekkie - plain oatyrific Cheerios and spicy sausage links and tea, hot and minty and bitter, and I drank it while I sat on really squishy carpet and watched it snow all up and down the streets. I took a shower in a real bathroom. I ate mascarpone and Fritos, and it was delicious. I drank some milk and braided my hair.

And I was so glad to be back, I cried.

YAY MELY'S HOUSE ::sends mad happy vibes to arthenadent::

And according to the non-carpal-tunnelly split keyboard, you are supposed to hit the 6 key with your left hand, not your right. Hmm.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Current Music: Enthralled. That's a good word.

Woo, Kansas. *spins finger in air*

Hee, just kidding. I've been worse places...like central Kansas. Or South central Kansas (repeatedly. Wichita = 13 times and counting). And um...Oklahoma. Woohoo. ;) Just being a goof.



For the love of God, don't ever EVER go there. *Doubly* not to COLLEGE.

Oh yeah. My plan for college is to get as far away from the Kansas/Missouri black hole as possible. I'm thinking Chicago, New York, or London. *nod nod* The closest I'd stay would be Truman State Univ...it's a nice compact tiny school, close, but not too far.

...or Rochester/Eastman works too. XD



I think someone I knew at East went there.

But mebbe I am making it up.

An '02 girl from South made it in. She was the allstate orch. principal her senior year, and I believe was allstate for 3 years. They took 4 out of the 100 auditioning horns this past year. :x :\ But I am auditioning anyway. Can't hurt. :)



Go you! :D :D