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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

I am happy to report that Doc R. gave the class an extension without us having to ask, even. And I am happy to report that I only have to make up 5 hours of practicum, not 8.

I am slightly less happy to report that Doc R. also gave us a reading day on Friday. Which means that instead of reading, I will get to do a whole extra hour at Music Fest. Joy of joys.

I am apologetic about the state of my journal. I know the colors are hideous, for those few of you that actually read this journal from its own page, but I am too tired atm to really care. Furthermore, I would draw it to your attention that the links for leaving comments are *above* the entry, instead of *below* them. This baffles me, and I would appreciate any explanation anyone can give.

I spent a lot of classes today drawing people that sometimes look a little like simplistic Chinese characters. I am rather fond of them.

(Notes to self: disjointed, favorites: 5th floor howard payne, field cymbals, hamsterdance drill, interstellar hitchhiking, nas-tea, refusing to watch movies, rhosymedre, the thunderbolt, watching lyds play NES molly malone, origami sloths, soup and salad luncheons, just add water, unshared interests, chinese-symbol people)