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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Does it make me a chezzball [sic, and an apropos non-word] if I say that perhaps part of the problem I have doing stage managing for this show is that I just don't *feel* it? Like the show is not really a living, organic, tangible thing to me.


On the other hand, Anna's refrigerator should be enshrined as a minor kitchen deity. I think it is owing to its abnormally low moisture content that an opened package of cream cheese has NOT spoiled even having been in there for almost two weeks. Nor did the bagel or the salami, but I wasn't too worried about them.

Mely back stateside! ::w00ts and counts down days till visit::

Was left two flowers and a large chunk of fern on my stagemanager music stand tonight. Rapidly exhausted my entire list of suspects and have no idea who they're from. A red and a pink carnation, which is what the MITs were selling, and they're a bit crinklyedged, but I thought they were outout of them, and plus, they were singing to people with their flowers.

Spent bit of post-opera sitting about Tiffany's room with her and Mark. Was odd, awakening vague sense of longing - not for anyone in particular, but for someone in general. ::sigh::

::eats bagels::

Only three more performances.

Only three more chances to get it right! :p

Random Question of the Minute: Why does it seem like the concept of 'flamingly gay' almost always apply to males and not so much to females? How exactly *would* one be a flaming lesbian, anyway?

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w00t! What do you want to do then?


Er, it probably is lame o' me, but the only thing I can think of offhand is EAT. Sheridan's, Winstead's, Fire Wok, Bo Ling... Blurgh. ::gets indigestion just thinking about it::

Um, I'll try to think of something more witty in the meantime. Perhaps we could swing by the purple monkey thing or whatever it's called (Store of Random Clothing which is kinda near fire wok and david's house.)

You also mentioned something about Lawrence...? I've *never* been to Lawrence.