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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Shouts to new Friendslister morrigain, who is waaay cool.

And to all the oldskool oldbies on this post of McTabby's [edit: props to McTabby for having a commentlist that takes up 2 pages and is long enough to have had its subheaders collapsed!] I am getting huge warm fuzzies from seeing you all again! Everything HPdom has, of late, been really a tragic loss to the glare of Cassie and the t00bier-than-thou Orwellian Mods. Which is not to say I don't loff them, 'cos of course I do.... ::sigh::

I find myself a bit wary of the 5-posts-in-24-hours limit. Which is NOT to say that I am upset about it, don't understand it, wish it would go away... no, it's more because the fact that I'm worried about it indicates my profound need to get a life! ;D

Constance's Favorite Fics and Authors List, circa January 2000:

Foxes and Masks: Firebolt
Willow - songfic, Hufflepuff Lily
Tomb of Days: Slytherin Dragon
Romance?: Mena
Fluff: Sparkle
Really Excellent Writing: Delphi and Blaise
Cute story about Kira: Maple (this may have been a tangent from my 3-hour-tour in the Star Trek fandom)
Frogs: Mor Riagan (later Morrigan)
Snakeman: Kate S.


Current Music: Did you ever see a lassie go this way and that? - preschool

::waves:: Hehe.

"t00bier-than-thou Orwellian Mods" eh? Interesting.

And you caught me on Cassandra Claire. ::ducks flying pitchforks::



Well, really. Perhaps they are so swamped with fangirling that they don't really have a choice but to be t00bier-than-thou, but still...

::flees the jackboots::

::puts up an Anti-Pitchfork Field around Gypsy and herself::