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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Sitting around contemplating how much of a bastard Mark Hoehne is; I have been in the Con for over an hour waiting to do his nefarious bidding (ie he doesn't know how to use Sibelius, so I was going to show him) and he hasn't turned up. I'm about to say forget it and go play some Nintendo.

Is it just my defective memory, or was Scott Toosley not the old guard instructor from West who was last working at Tulsa Union? ...Just wondering.

Hmm... Nintendo or practice, Nintendo or practice. ::rolls on the floor, laughing!:: Nintendo, of course. I can practice after Lydia goes to sleep. ::evil grin::

I have all day tomorrow to finish my speech, write my journals, figure out what Prof Jones meant by 'Form filled out for Wednesday', and do my MU 150 chapter and composition. Then I have all day Thursday to outline my 111 final, go to the Ashby-Hodge, and do something I just forgot.

Went to Kansas City. It was smashing. Jessica (Ethan's sister) has the coolest room ever. I'm not sure whether I'm more envious of the room itself or the fact that she made it so spiffy.

Next year I will not have to have all the crappy Holt furniture in my room! I can make it go away! Hurrah! ::cheers::

::pouts with an extremely chapped lip::

Some of our concert was a bit of a fiasco, but the rest was okay.

Right then. Time to find some spiffy Christmas colors for this here journal.

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