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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

My computer WORKS!

I don't know why. It just decided to!

::screams with delight::


So I got so excited about the compy, every other exciting thing went out of my head...

In the fridge now: bagel, cream cheese, salami, grapes, cream puffs, tub of peach yoghurt, 5/6ths of an avocado (I really wanted some avocado!) which I tried to feed to Tiffany, but she didn't like it (it *was* a bit bitter, but still deliciously avacadoy.) [Note to self: You still didn't tell Tiffany the kumquat jelly story.]

The kumquat jelly story will be found at the END of this entry. Many things not to forget right now, like why I now have all this food: I went with Veronica and Maddie to have a PICNIC because it was A LOVELY DAY.

I got an email about a grullion years ago from student development saying that they'd put a cardio room in Clingenpeel, but by the time I finally got it, the body of the letter had been deleted (stupid CMC mail.) After brekkie, V&M& I went so I could show them where the pool was and see the hours, and we went to see the weight room, which happens to be next to the cardio room. And *in* the cardio room were TWO rowing machines!! I need to get in shape, and I *love* to row. I rowed a little bit right then because the door was open even though the hours posted said it was closed Saturdays (I think it was because they were giving tours.)

I'm listening to MUSIC on MY COMPUTER and WATCHING my pretty background change (yay Drempels) and being logged on all my IM heads at once. WHEEEE! ::spins around::

...And now, the Kumquat Jelly story: Which was only going to be told because Tiffany was talking with Jesse about kumquats.
The summer after my junior year, we went on church choir tour to Louisiana. The only place we spent two consecutive nights was in Gretna, Louisiana, where me and two other girls stayed with a lady named June Zw___. She reminded me of Grandma and her house reminded me of Grandma's. Once we had ice cream that was kind of odd and when we said we didn't want any more she said "Me either!" And she had a string of hot peppers hanging from her cabinet and one morning we had english muffins with KUMQUAT JELLY. And they were very good! :)

And I'm listening to the long version of Our House. ::hops::

Current Mood: delighted
Current Music: Our House -- Madness