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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
I swear, it must be the Ny-Quil.

"I never had it, I never wanted it, I never had your beauty mark" - but you'd better watch it if you're planning to leave your groceries and bandanas lying around like that.

I just realized that I know absolutely none of the history behind this college. I know more of the history of Lindenwood than of CMC. Mary Sibley founded a women's college in 1821, thus making Lindenwood the oldest continously-operating school west of the Mississippi; men were first admitted sometime in the 1960's; in the mid '90's Lindenwood College became Lindenwood University, whatever that means (I sure as heck don't know.)

It has also occurred to me that I believe that my father and his brother are the first generation on that side of the family to not have been in the Armed Forces at some point.

Right. Time for band.

Current Mood: dazed
Current Music: Beauty Mark - Rufus Wainwright
I think Callus sang a lovely Norma, but you prefer Robson in Deep River.

"Beauty Mark": a song from Rufus Wainwright to his mom, Kate McGarrigle, a folk singer from the 70s. He said she had been very critical of his work and so he wrote a song he thought she would like (also venting his frustrations)...and she did. A side note: apparently her nickname for him is "the tart," which amused me very much.