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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

My sister is looking oddly glowy.

Your Livejournal Analasys


Your Livejournal's Age

According to the information you provided, your Livejournal was created on 2001-05-01, meaning that your journal has been around for 619 days. What does this mean?

With over a year of LJ experience under your belt, you can safely call yourself an experienced user. If you are still actively using your journal by now, then chances are you are here to stay. You probably don't add friends nearly as often as you used to, and more than likely have removed a bunch of people that used to be there. (Actually, I don't think I've ever defriended anyone. Not even people who never post anymore. I am, you see, a packrat in more ways than one. Staying in an online community for a year is something of an achievement, you know. Aw, shucks.

Your Livejournal Friends

Now let's talk about your friends list. You indicated that you have 12 LJ friends.
This is a decent amount, though still somewhat small. Given the relative age of your journal, this may or may not reflect the list that you will finally end up with. That's okay, as this sort of list makes for a comfortably small group of friends, probably people that you know well outside of the Livejournal community, people you consider good friends.

You also have been listed as a friend by 10 users.
It's getting there, but still a little thin. Your journal has been around a while, and chances are you don't add or get added much these days. Your interests and habits are obvious, and the people who are going to notice you have noticed you for the most part. Not to say your list won't grow, but by now your list of friends is fairly developed. And you like it that way.

Finally in this category, you have a friends to friends-of ratio of 1.2.
This is an average ratio, meaning you have nearly (or maybe exactly or maybe not) the same number of friends as people who have listed you as a friend. There's a good chance you add back everyone who has added you, and only add people who haven't added you if they are a good friend and chances are they'll be adding you back anyway. True. Oddlyodd me keeps a bookmarks file of Famous People's LJ's - like Cassie's, and such.

Your Posting Habits

You have indicated that to date, you have made 412 entries into your Livejournal. This gives us an average post rate of 0.66558966074313 posts per day.
With this kind of post rate, you are updating at least once every other day, sometimes once a day. This seems to indicate that you like to keep your friends (or simply your journal) updated on the day to day progress of your life, no matter how boring or exciting. There are days when you simply have nothing to say, and on those days you simply say nothing, although you make a good effort to update when you can.

Or I forget about my journal for months at a time, or go away on tour, and the rest of the time, I do 4 entries a day to make up for it.

Your Commenting Habits

According to your information, you have posted 484 comments and have recieved 262 of them over the lifetime of your journal. Let's see what this information can mean.

First of all, this indicates that you have been getting an average of 0.63592233009709 comments for every Livejournal entry that you make.
You get at least one comment for every other post, and sometimes you can expect one for each entry that you make in your journal. You might think this is less than average, but don't despair. Unless you have a habit of making posts that incite comments, chances are your friends just can't think of anything interesting to say. I hope you all don't take this covert insult lying down... Kidding, kidding.

A more fair measure of how many comments you get might be your average number of comments per post per friend, which is 0.052993527508091. This may seem low to you, especially if you have lots of friends. Er, not really. I'd rather know how many comments per friend I generally get, though even that would be not completely accurate (ahem Sarah ahem... though I am broke again and therefore cannot get a paid account again and therefore cannot really be upset about it. Not that I really was anyway.)

The final statistic is the ratio of your comments to comments you get. Your ratio is 1.8473282442748. The higher the ratio, the more talkative you are compared to your friends, comment-wise.

[Edited for content, and poor writing]
Take the Livejournal Analasys [sic] yourself

Steelers have just decided to quit sucking. Wooo!

I've just spent a second thinking too much, and it's occurred to me how odd it is that typing, and using HTML tags, and etc... can become such an organic process. First I think "I want to say thus, and I want it to be bolded and italicised to distinguish it from the rest of the text." Then I have to remember the tags for bold and italics, and how to phrase and spell what I want to say. Then I have to remember where on the keyboard are obscure nonlinguistic things like angle brackets. Then I have to make my fingers hit the correct keys.

How ridiculously complex.

Here we go loopty-lou...here we go loopty-la.

>> (ahem Sarah ahem... though I am broke again and therefore cannot get a paid account again and therefore cannot really be upset about it. Not that I really was anyway.)>>

First of all..."analasys"? Yikes.

Second of all, by this you mean you want me to get my own name somehow, rather than mess with the squiggly eyeballs all the time, or do you want me to stop leaving asinine comments? If the latter is the case...Mwahahahaha!!! Never!!! Also, sign on, yo.

P.S. I just ate a string cheese, and then I realized that the end was MOLDY AND GREEN. NASTY.

Re: Here we go loopty-lou...all on a Saturday night.

hey, i am signed on; where the hell are you? I think at that particular time, Dad was pretending to use the computer to write his sermon, but now I am not going to wait up to see if you *do* sign on, not because it is personal, but because I am dead. And why is my CD-ROM drive spinning incessantly? I'm not even using it, for pete's sake.

EWWW to your string cheese.

I would ::hop:: if you got your own name, because then I could make my entries friends-only. But as it is, I don't think anyone I don't know reads my journal. Or rather, I don't think anyone I know reads my journal without me knowing about it.

Famous last words, no doubt.