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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Damien drove me somewhere. I tried to drive the bus. Was too small. Had to jump around to reach the pedals, and then guess as to which was which, 'cos they didn't look right (one in middle was long & narrow like a waterfountain pedal, and one at right was just a little semicircular tab). Damien hung around. I lost track of him, but he was playing video games, so it was okay. Later I saw him walking by out the window. Out the window (it was a bit high) was asphalt and chainlink fence, and the corner of another building (brown).

Meeting in an auditorium with lots of nifty lights. Mark told me that we'd been invited to three formal rushes. I was happy about that, but I thought I might not have been quite enthusiastic enough so when he left, I hurried back to write him an email or something before he got to his room, but I think I got sidetracked and didn't quite make it. Daniel was there; Rebecca was too but I didn't see her, she was hiding under a large bunch of black blankets with flames (flame butterflies?...) on them. Daniel had to ask where she was, which I thought was entertaining. He seemed a bit stressed out. I cared that he was there, but I realized that it was just out of habit, or because I thought I should - I didn't mind (...you know?...). The lights mostly quit working; I grabbed a hunk made out of Christmas lights that was mostly red and blue, and most of them even didn't work, and it was a pain, 'cos I had to see something! Most people were gone from the auditorium by then. The chairs were divided in 3 sections horizontally and 2 sections vertically - a lot like the theatre at East but smaller, and newer, and brighter (I think there were small windows in the back). There was a big white screen at the front. Someone explained to me that the lights had quit working, to which I replied, DUH. The auditorium had shrunk somehow since the meeting started.

I was moving into a new dorm room. ... that was when I lost track of Damien. all the Alphas were there; they were doing something while I tried to set up my room - they showed up while I was trying to decide what to do about shelves. I decied to put the weird ugly brown ones that the last occupant had left in the corner next to the sink, behind a door to something through which someone fun lived. The shelves had telescoping legs *right in the middle* of each shelf, and they were a yellowy camel color. I put the big ironing board over the sink to make a shelf. I was a little concerned that it blocked the mirror, but there was a full length mirror on a door, so it was okay. (It also blocked the sink, but I didn't care bout that at the time.) Someone swore, and Jenny or Ashley told them "Letters". I was excited to be moving in, and I thought once in the dream that I had a single, but then I hoped my roomate wouldn't mind what I did with the shelves.

I was walking outside on campus, giving a tour maybe? Adam Rothbart was along, and some people I think I don't know. There was a big building on the campus that I'd always seen from a different angle and never thought about. It sayd "BOYS" carved in stone over two doors (boys dorm.) But I was also walking with Dru, and somehow we both ralized that it was the Swinney house. It looked like it was beautiful, but was falling into a complete mouldering ruin. I felt silly for never having noticed it before. Dru did too.

Someone interesting lived down the hall, where the T was (it looked a bit like where you go into the new wing at West.)

I think I can't remember the most important part.

Someone refilled the sugar jar, but only halfway. I think I realized this was odd, 'cos I'd just refilled the sugar jar the other day.

Time to scramble around, making ready for festivities. Party at my house tomorrow, starting at 12:30 - the invites say until 4, but we won't kick you out ;)