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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

c/o lorelei66

occupation - slacker
hair - blondish
eyes - lightish
height - 6'

clothing - whatever's clean
music - not too loud (except in band, where there is no such thing)
make up - none (usually)
bodyart - doodles on hand

wearing - orange jersey short pants (supposed to be regular, but they fit me like capris)
thinking of - my shoulder hurts
bought - postage to Germany... ;)
ate & drank - buttered saltines, eggnog (diluted)
read - Dreamwalk Blue by Viola (chapter 5 - am saving last 2 for tomorrow)
watched on tv - dumb Disney movies (ie, movies on the Disney channel, not animated ones)

club or houseparty - house party!
tea or coffee - TEA
beer or cider - cider (usually)
drinks or shot - er, what?
cats or dogs - CATS
single or taken - Not spoken for, but nevertheless very taken (anyone who wants to can go ahead and take some more - I think there must be plenty to go around, as I haven't run out of me yet)
pen or pencil - pencil
gloves or mittens - a SCARF and i will put my hands in my pockets. Or maybe mittens.
food or candy - MILK
cassette or cd - cd
coke or pepsi - COKE!!
hard or mild alcohol - meh
matches or a lighter - i prefer lighters in principle, but am always afraid i am going to burn my thumb.
Rickie lake or Oprah Winfrey - Ew. Rosie.

kill - no one .... ATM...
hear from - ANyone (it's quarter till 2 and I'm feeling needy)
get really wasted with - Daniel. (I'd sell tickets) >:D
tickle - Hmm. Mark's ticklish...
avoid - many people... who fortunately I don't have to see for another 2 1/2 weeks :D

touched - mum
talked to - mum (or David, on AIM)
hugged - mum
instant messaged - Oh. David, then.
kissed - errrrr. might've been mum, or samantha. i wasn't really paying attention.
who broke your heart - i did...

eat - ANywhere but the Maybee (and a lot of time, the Maybee)
dance - everywhere I damn well feel like!
cry - inopportune locations
wish you were - KC, or St. Louis, or 5th floor Howard-Payne

Dated one of your best friends? Em... if you could call it that (?)
Loved somebody so much it makes you cry? ::sigh::
Done drugs? just excedrin... >:D
Broken the law? yeah. i speed a lot. and once i climbed onto the roof at East. (Note to Camianne - I told Juli I did this, and she seemed to think it was a terrible felony or something. I was entertained.)
Ran away from home? not since i was very small
Broken a bone? chip fractured my ankle once for sure, and once i thought i broke my toe (but that was never substantiated)
Cheated on a test? probably.
Skinny dipped? not in memory.
Played Truth Or Dare? who hasn't?
Flashed someone? no
Mooned Someone? no.
Kissed someone you didn't know? not that i didn't know, but that i didn't Know. Eccck ::brushes teeth at the memory::
Been on a talk show/Game show? er, i called in to Wes Minter once...
Been in a fight? after a fashion, i suppose
Ridden in a fire truck? i don't *think* so...
Been on a plane? yes X-p
Come close to dying? Probably not, but I have thought I was going to.
Cheated on your Boy/Girlfriend? that would involve me *having* a boy/girlfriend.
Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? oh, shure.
Eaten a worm/mud pie? ew! no! except the chocolate pudding kind. mmm...
Kissed Someone? didn't we ask this already?
Swam in the ocean? YES and it was the DEAL
Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? yup.

La la la. 12:00 is too early to go to bed but if I don't go at 12:00, I don't go until past 2. :P