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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]
time for Eastern Philosophy, or whatever it's commonly called

::almost just ran screaming to the hills, because the language-icon-guy does not show up in the corner of the LJ main screen anymore apparently, and i cannot deal with French right now::

Highlights of banquet (exactly excerpted from email to Sarah): Sat diagonally across the table from Steve (the freaky contra player) and he did not say a thing to me all night (perhaps related to the fact that he seemed to have brought a girl with him) which was A-OK with me. I saw Alissa and Beatty and Damien. Yay. The booster board dedicated the kitchen at the community center to Katherine's mom. Aww. One of the guys from the drumline (known to me only as Firestarter) put together the year-in-review video, which was really well done and so funny I nearly wet myself. Jared (the brass captain; aka Sparkling Jear-Bear) got Colt of the Year, over people I thought more likely, eg Katharine and Courtney, and gave a stirring and v. brief acceptance speech. Sarah Magalli (who goes to IWU with beep) asked if he had always called everyone 'dawg'.

From this morning: The Colts are proud to announce their 2003 show, 'Winken, Blinken, and Nod'. No, not really. It doesn't have a title yet and that was the one mom suggested.

I learned kung fu over break, if I didn't mention that. Now must find someone to teach it to, so can continue to do kung fu. (me: ::does 2nd-positon plie:: ben: now you *really* look like a kung fu fighter! why do you do that? me: because it makes my legs Happy. ben: That is the best reason.)

::attempts also to find anything good related to yoga online::

Hey Mark! I like you a lot. Now fuck off, 'cos I'm busy pretending I didn't miss you at ALL over break and I'm *so* over it. (Mely: Even Tuesday afternoon when I was talking to you would have been too late)

I smell like Melissa's house for no apparent reason, or maybe it's just my nose playing tricks on me. "You're a liar. I look like I feel. I smell, too."
I am sure that it is cold in here. Heat was off for break, and still it is cold. It was cold in the theatre too. Fortunately I had kindly been provided a lap rug, which I hit Draffen with at the conclusion of practice, because he complained about how much time he spent in the chair. >:D What is it with me and cold places lately? When I woke up Thanksgiving morning (I think it was), my room was so cold I couldn't feel my face! Or my feet, and they were even under the covers!

Time to go practice piano to warm fingers, and then go finish last 1/3d of bbq chips and 2 raspberry Zingers for dinner.

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