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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice
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September 2009
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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice [userpic]

Okay, going to try again. Even though it took me like a farking HOUR to write last time. Perhaps going to do it in bits and pieces so as not to have same awful experience again?... Yes. Will keep editing in more.

Yesterday: Got up at ridiculous hour to go to Columbia with Mark to buy baton and Hanon. Trip made more interesting by the fact that

Hmm. Maybe actually I should take this as a sign that I should write it down on paper first before I share it with the world.

Yes, yes. Will do just that. Be patient; you will hear all about my interesting day later.

Current Mood: euphoric/caffeinated
Current Music: The Rhyming Song - Muppets