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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice
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September 2009
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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice [userpic]

For a song I've never even really heard, Jada sure gets stuck in my head a lot.

I don't mind (...yet) - it's a cool song. But still!

Festivities last night were... erm... most festive. XD's were dumb and went away instead of to the Bobber - Brians V. and C (both of whom are called by their last names and neither of whose last names I realize I know how to spell) were the only ones who came. >:p Grrrrrrrrromph.

Many people rock my socks. Esp. Thera, my Cohort o' the Evening.

And, much to my surprise - I may actually be getting excited for Pledge Week.

Game today. 'Rents surprised me by showing up at Con Cel. Am abt. to go have brunchety thing at the bakery with them. Whee! :)

Current Mood: goodgood