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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice
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September 2009
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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice [userpic]

Mad props to The Price Is Right for coming up with cute summer outfits for the girls to wear that are both classic and fashionable.

Except the shoes. Those could use some help. Lose the goofy brown mules. I'm sure you could find something cute at Frederick's. Probably even something matching. Or you could just all wear my cute Easter shoes.

And I liked your Showcase Showdown podiums a lot better when they were purple and orange. Pink and blue are so... cliched.

Er, so I actually had something to say....

My front teeth are all pretty again! ::grins and shows you them:: Yay!

Cheeto popcorn (MMM) + Energy Drink = Breakfast of Champions.

::goes to wash ALL her laundry and pack ALL her bookshelves::