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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

Was thinking of posting Entry o' Joy re: 3A trips to Walmart, how everyone needs a good platonic snugglebuddy, sleeping till 4 in the afternoon, multicolored oil lamps, raindancing, El Magueying with Thera.

However, I have (apparently) not read my Friends page since Tuesday and have just been catching up on that for the past... oh... THREE HOURS. ::shoots self::

I was thinking memeing* a mctabbyesque 'Friends Digest' thingy. But it would take ABOUT 100000000 PAGES, so I'm not going to! :P ...at the moment, anyway.

*I thought I was going to meme something else, but a friendspage review has not turned up anything memeable, so I guess this was it...? ::scratches head::


Two AMAZING posts - go read them NOW. This means YOU! How did I end up with such cool people randomly on my friends list?! ...This makes me think of something Scriv posted on his IM info that raised some good points but also really cheezed me off. (Unfortunately he is not around at the moment for link gankage.)

DB 9 done. w00t!

Kyle rocks my socks in general, and especially for providing THE BEST FARKING NEWS EVER.

In the meantime...it is pouring (& thundering - yipe) and I sleep. ZZZZ.

Current Mood: fried
Current Music: shiny happy people...

::revives you with smelling salts::


I don't remember if I ever actually posted a reply expressing my awe & appreciation ... in case I didn't, let me express my awe and appreciation. ;D

Meme away!


::grins merrily:: I may yet do so. :D