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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels
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September 2009
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thoughts and feels and thoughts and feels [userpic]

This post updated.

Senior festivities. C-Bench; mud and mush and Monty doing hilarious impersonations of Drummond's conducting. RAAAIIINNN.

Megnn's whole neighborhood is gone 'cept her house. First she said her house had structural damage. Then she said it wasn't anything major. So I'm not sure whether she doesn't really have a concept of 'structural damage' or whether I misunderstood what she said to begin with.

KC seems to have had a pretty rough time of it, tho. There were tornadoes in Cailin's hood too, and she's from way down in Pleasant Hill. There were even storms down to Nevada (where Valerie & Rick are) but no tornadoes, I think.

8 generals and 1000000000 ID terms to learn for History exam at 8A Tuesday. But just want to sleeeeeep.

Two juries and Expos final tomorrow, plus Alpha farewells. Fortunately is supposed to be purrrrdy. Need to run to Columbia, but should write missing Expos paper. Dangit.

I made an omelette for a random confirmand from Salem-in-Ladue today. I hope she enjoyed it; it was a good one. :)

Concert today was okay, 'cept for when the jazz band played. Urmmm... ack.


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