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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice
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September 2009
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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice [userpic]
apple core, apple core...

All four cars that went to McD's offered me a ride home. Esp. amusing since I stood in the parking lot and announced "I'M HOOFING IT, SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW."

My hoodie is covered with icky. I don't know why.

So... WWAAAAAAYYNNEE! did a concerty worship thing this evening. It was a trip. I haven't seen him for ::does math:: just a few days short of two and a half years. But seeing him made me realize that I haven't even *thought* about that particular aspect (ie, the church one) of my high school days since like ever ago. Which is kind of sad.

But it was refreshing to hear some good Word. Thoughts of the evening: being a boat, being soil on a riverbank, everything happens for a reason.

And I can smell again. Tis amazing.

Current Mood: My tummy burns! >:/
Current Music: Dust in the wind...