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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice
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September 2009
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why yes, i *do* like the sound of my own voice [userpic]
An espific entry

Okay, I just made up the word. And now I'm posting a*gain* - that makes 3 times this afternoon! Sue me on both counts.

All along I thought the Similar Users function was restricted to paid accounts - but on a whim, I tried it anyway. This is what I got.

The following are the most related users to lucypevensie.
# Magic Index
1 lorelei66 21.434

Perhaps it is telling that for a while, I looked at the list and thought *my* name was at the top, for some inexplicable reason.

5 areleejensen 16.923
6 violahead 16.860
7 jacqui 16.511
10 musiccomp83 16.233
11 sleepyducks 16.018
16 arthenadent 15.173
72 phoreverphantom 11.396
87 thejll 11.036
109 ibrad 10.556
131 villanelle 10.102

Wheeee.... ::adds interests and runs the search again... and again... and again.....::

HEY. So I added "sepia tint" which has one other person interested and "fire wok" which has *no one* interested, and for some odd reason, it threw in all these people (ie, lizzyg, who also has 10.102) who weren't there before - but it didn't change any of the aboveposted numbers. And why does lizzyg have the same number as villanelle, when lizzyg only has one interest (and I am the only one who shares it) whereas villanelle has 115 interests, one of which I am the only sharer and 4 of which we also have in common? .... :/ Blargh. How odd.


Mweee! (I think...?) And where'd you get that from??



Up at the top of one of the pages with the LJ frame, in the orange stripe, it says "Find Users". I *think* that's it. (maybe.)